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October 1, 2021

Westario Power has partnered with UtilityPULSE, a Canadian company specializing in polls and surveys for the electricity sector, to reach out to our residential and small business customers by telephone to gather your feedback about our services.

Between October 8 and November 5, 2021, UtilityPULSE will be conducting a Customer Satisfaction Survey on behalf of Westario Power. The survey will take approximately ten minutes to complete, and your input is highly valued – we want to hear from you!

Please note that you will not be required to provide any information specific to your Westario Power account (i.e. your account number), although some information such as age and the number of people living in your home will be requested as part of the survey.

If you have any questions about the survey, please contact Customer Service at 519-507-6937 or toll free at 1-866-978-2746 or email to [email protected]