We are Westario Power inc.

Westario Power is focused on providing superior value to its customers. It is the role of Westario Power Inc. to ensure the safe, reliable delivery of electricity to the 21,000 customers it serves and the 746km of distribution lines and substations working at high efficiency.

And you, as a Westario Power resident, can take pride as well. Westario Power is owned by the municipalities we service. In November 2000, a public-private partnership was formed with FortisOntario acquiring a 10% interest in Westario Power. Through this partnership, both companies are better positioned to improve efficiencies and bring an added level of risk management to their operations, while maintaining service quality for their customers.

Westario Power Mission Statement

Westario Power Inc. is an energy distribution corporation committed to providing quality, customer focused services in a safe, reliable, cost effective manner. We will foster sustainable growth while respecting the environment and the communities we serve.

Westario Power Vision Statement

We are dedicated to creating superior value for our customers and shareholders, and a safe and rewarding work environment for our employees. We will grow our business through innovation and creative leadership, based on sound fiscal management and business practices.