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Westario Power Inc. is responsible for the delivery of electricity to homes and businesses within our service territory. We take our responsibility to maintain a reliable electricity distribution system for the benefit of all customers very seriously; this includes maintaining overhead wires, underground cables, poles, transformers and the infrastructure needed to operate the electricity network in our service territory. We do not generate, transmit, or retail electricity. Our delivery rates reflect the cost of service to deliver electricity to our customers.

The major components of your electricity bill consist of Electricity, Delivery and Regulatory Charges. Some of these line items have more than one component. These charges are consistent across all areas within the Westario Power service territory and most, but not all charges are based on your electricity usage.

Visit the Ontario Energy Board to learn more about your bill and what each item means.

Account Set-Up Charge

An “Account Set-Up” charge of $30.00 + HST is applied to all customers on their first bill when they establish a new account. This applies both to new customers to the Westario Power service area and to customers who have changed locations within the Westario Power service area. If a tenant moves out and the bill is placed back in the owner’s name during the vacant period, the Account Set-Up Charge will apply unless a Landlord Agreement has been established and Option 1 has been selected (click on “Forms & Applications” tab for more details).

Exclusionary Clause

The utility will make every effort to ensure bills are accurate; however, billing errors can occur. The utility reserves the right to collect under-billed amounts at any time.

Commercial Security Deposits

Westario Power Inc. requires a security deposit to keep our rates as low as possible for all customers by decreasing our exposure to unpaid bills.

Less than 25% of your monthly bill is retained by Westario Power to pay for wires, poles, etc., however, we are responsible for collecting the other 75% on behalf of other electricity sector organizations for services such as electricity generation and transmission. Westario Power is required to pay that 75% even before we collect it from customers. Therefore, Westario Power assumes 100% of the risk of non-payment.

Commercial security deposits are calculated using the billing cycle factor (2.5) times the customer’s average monthly load, at the location the customer is moving into, in the most recent 12 consecutive months within the last two years. Where relevant usage information is not available for the customer for 12 consecutive months within the past two years or the billing system is not capable of making the calculation, the customer’s average monthly load shall be based on a reasonable estimate made by the distributor. Deposits will be required only from those new customers who do not demonstrate reasonable credit worthiness, or from those existing customers who have proven poor credit. The distributor shall permit the customer to pay security deposit in 4 equal monthly instalments, the first instalment being due on the implementation of an implied contract or the signing of a service agreement. The customer may pay the security deposit over a shorter period of time.

Interest will be credited to the customer account quarterly. The interest rate will be determined based on simple interest paid from the date of the deposit being received. Commercial security deposits will be held until the customer no longer requires service, at which time, it will be applied to the customer’s final bill.

Return of the security deposit will be considered annually providing the customer’s payment history reflects a three (3) year history of prompt payments and is void of collection action for those in the < 50 kW demand rate class, or seven (7) years in any other rate class.

A security deposit is required from all business customers.

Commercial security deposits may be in the form of:

  • a cash deposit;
  • an irrevocable letter of credit from a chartered bank or trust company; or a performance bond;
  • a business letter of credit reference demonstrating good payment history
  • Other than a customer in a > 5,000kW demand rate class, a satisfactory credit check, with a minimum satisfactory credit rating of A, from a nationally recognized credit bureau, made at the customer’s expense. This report must be for a period within the past six months


Please contact the Operations Department at Westario Power to arrange for isolation and re-energization (disconnection and reconnection).

In order to complete a request for a service isolation, a Temporary Service Disconnection Request Form must be completed.

Life Support Program

If your life, or the life of a loved one, depends on electrically powered medical equipment, please notify our office at (519) 507-6937 or toll free 1-866-978-2746.

You will be asked to provide medical documentation as supporting evidence. It should be noted that anyone requiring such a device should ensure they have a battery back up available at all times. It is your responsibility to ensure you have a plan in place for electrical outages.

Your name and service address will be placed on our registry in cases of planned power outages.