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March 29, 2022

March 28, 2022 – Walkerton, ON

Westario Power President and CEO, Jenny Alfandary, met with Scott Miller from CTV News on Tuesday, to showcase the utility’s latest plan to modernize their consumer engagement.

“We understand that today’s consumer wants to stay informed and make smart decisions when it comes to their electricity consumption. By empowering consumers with their data, our app will provide the opportunity to make choices that directly benefits you,” stated President and CEO, Jenny Alfandary.

Westario Power made a strong commitment to modernizing their business last October during a visit from Minister of Energy, Todd Smith. By focusing on innovation and modernization advancements to deliver industry leading initiatives as a model to the electricity industry. Jenny Alfandary comments, “Green Button is part of our commitment to community prosperity. It will enable quick and secure access to your consumption so you can reduce energy use or switch electricity price plans to save money. Not to forget that such an easy access makes it not only user friendly, but also highly inclusive. The app has no language or technology barrier”.

As some regulatory requirements provide implementation challenges for smaller utilities, Westario Power is proud to be one of the first utilities in Ontario to announce an early start to Green Button implementation. “We believe our EMPowered product, which we plan to launch this spring, will be leveraged by, not just thousands of Westario Power customers, but multiple utilities across this sector. As you know, Westario Power is an industry leader.”, states Mrs. Alfandary.

She is committed to keep Westario Power’s focus on growth, driving community prosperity and customer excellence. Through their core values of passion, leadership, and commitment, Westario Power will continue to power people’s lives.

About Westario Power

Westario Power is an Energy Distribution Company based in Walkerton, Ontario. We are focused on providing superior value to our customers across the 15 communities we proudly service. It is the role of Westario Power Inc. to ensure the safe, reliable delivery of electricity to the 24,000+ customers it serves and ensuring the 746 km of distribution lines and 27 municipal substations are working at high efficiency and reliability.

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