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Ministry of Energy

The Ontario ministry responsible for the electricity industry.

For questions on:

  • Why the government introduced competition in the electricity market
  • Market regulation legislation

Contact: 1.877.818.2900 •

Ministry of the Environment

The Ontario ministry that sets emission standards for electricity generators.

For questions on:

  • Emission standards
  • Emissions trading program

Contact: 1.800.565.4923 •

Ministry of Public & Business Service Delivery

The Ontario ministry concerned with business practices.

For questions on:

  • Consumer Protection Act
  • Business Practices Act

Contact: 1.800.268.1142 •

Ontario Energy Board (OEB)

Regulates the electricity industry in Ontario and licenses electricity retailers. Retailers purchase electricity from power generators and sell it to consumers, usually at fixed prices over fixed lengths of time.

For questions on:

  • Licensing all participants in the electricity system
  • Electricity Retailers Code of Conduct
  • Rates charged for transmission and distribution
  • Rates charged by Local Distribution Companies (Westario Power Inc.)

Contact: 1.877.632.2727 •

Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO)

Runs the exchange for the sale and purchase of electricity and oversees electricity system operations.

For questions on:

  • Market rules for the bulk sale and purchase of electricity
  • Wholesale spot market pricing

Contact: 1.416.506.2836 •

Measurement Canada

The government agency responsible for ensuring a fair and competitive marketplace for Canadians in the area of measurement, Measurement Canada offers a number of services, programs and resources to Canadian consumers and businesses.

For questions on:

  • Meter Disputes and Investigation
  • Meter Calibration and Certification

Contact: 1.519.680.7365 (London) •

Hydro One Networks (HON)

Operates the transmission grid system in Ontario and distributes electricity in some rural areas.

For questions on:

  • Provincial transmission system

Contact: 1.888.664.9376 •

Ontario Power Generation (OPG)

Generates electricity
For questions on:

  • Nuclear, hydro, coal and gas generators
  • Market share
  • Sale of generating capacity to competitors

Contact: 1.877.592.2555 •

Ontario Electricity Financial Corporation

Determines how electricity customers will pay down Ontario Hydro’s $23 billion stranded debt.

For questions on:

  • The stranded debt

Contact: 1.416.325.8000 •

Electrical Safety Authority (ESA)

Sets the safety standards for wiring installations, equipment and appliances.

For questions on:

  • Ontario Electrical Safety Code


Electricity Distributors Association

Provides Ontario’s local electricity distributor companies (LDC’s) with advocacy and representation in the legislative and regulatory environment and the electricity market in Ontario.
For questions on: 

  • Significant issues and opportunities affecting the electricity distribution industry and membership business interests

Contact: 1.800.668.9979 •

Ontario Regional Common Ground Alliance (ORCGA)

The Ontario Regional Common Ground Alliance (ORCGA) is a non-profit organization promoting efficient and effective damage prevention for Ontario’s vital underground infrastructure.  Through a unifed approach and stakeholder consensus, the ORCGA fulfils its motto of “Working Together for a Safer Ontario”.

We are a growing organization with over 256 organizations as active members and sponsors, and represent a wide cross section of stakeholders.

For over a decade the stakeholder groups have been active in promoting “Call Before You Dig” and other good damage prevention practices individually, or through smaller separate organizations.  In 2003, these groups amalgamated under the ORCGA name to provide a single voice representing the damage prevention community in the province.  The ORCGA is a regional chapter of the Common Ground Alliance (CGA) based in Alexandria, Virginia, which was formed in 2000 to further damage prevention efforts in North America.

Ontario Regional Common Ground Alliance (ORCGA)
195 King Street, Suite 105
L2R 3J6

Tel:  1.866.446.4493
Fax:  1.866.838.6739
To learn more about ORCGA visit:, and to learn more about the CGA, visit:

Links to our Shareholder websites: