2018 Cost of Service Application, Planned Outages, News & More

Westario Power Inc. – 2018 Cost of Service

Westario Power Inc. has applied to raise its electricity distribution rates and charges.  Below is the Notice to Customers regarding the rate application and its process, as well as a copy of the application made to the Ontario Energy Board.

View the 2018 Cost of Service Application – Board File No: EB-2017-0084

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Westario Power – Capital Plan for 2018

Westario Power is in the process of finalizing its 2018 operating and capital budgets in advance of filing an application to the Ontario Energy Board for a rate adjustment. In line with the most recent customer satisfaction survey, Westario is concentrating its spending efforts on system reliability and safety by focusing on replacing and maintaining assets that are potentially most likely to fail or deteriorate to a point that they cause a major breakdown or malfunction of the distribution system. Several factors are taken into account when ultimately determining the essential resources in the system requiring immediate attention in any given year. Consideration is given to such things as age, current state and impact of failure when determining budget priorities.

For more information, please click on the following link: 2018 Operating and Capital Budget Customer Survey

To provide feedback on our Capital Plan and for your chance to win $500, please complete the following survey: 2018 Operating & Capital Budget Customer Survey

Contest Results:

Westario Power Inc. would like to announce the winner’s of the 2018 Capital Plan Budget survey contest.  A total of 689 responses were gathered, which equated to seven, individual draws for $100 and a Grand Prize draw of $500.  The winners are:

George & Tessa C. of Port Elgin     $100

Bob S. of Southampton                   $100

Blair B. of Walkerton                       $100

Resident of Hanover                        $100

Resident of Wingham                      $100

Robert H. of Wingham                     $100

Ernest & Suzanne K. of Elmwood $100

Resident of Southampton               $500

Westario Power Inc. would like to thank all their customers who took the time to complete the survey – we greatly appreciate and value your feedback.

Electrical Contractors: Multiple Position Meter Base Requirements

Effective August 1, 2017, for all underground projects that require a multiple position meter base, Westario Power Inc. will only accept multiple position meter bases with the blank compartment for Line-side terminations.  Both stud and tunnel-type connectors will be permitted on the Line-side, however, Line-side conductor sizes will vary depending on the project requirements. Please confirm conductor size with Westario Power Inc. before ordering/purchasing the meter base.

For more information, please click on the following link: Notice Letter – Multi-position Meter Base

Changes to Westario Power Isolation and Re-energization Charges

Effective August 1, 2017, Westario Power will amend the charges for Isolation and Re-energization from the Westario Power Grid.

Please click on the following link for more information: Isolation and Re-energization Letter

Safety Information regarding Flooding

For information related to flooding, please click on the following link:  Flood Safety Information

Ontario Fair Hydro Plan

Electricity bills will be lowered by 25 per cent on average for residential consumers.
Rate increases will be held to inflation for four years.
As many as half a million small businesses and farms will also benefit from this reduction.
Lower-income Ontarians and those living in eligible rural communities will receive even greater reductions, as much as a 40 to 50 per cent cut.
The benefit will vary for individual consumers depending on electricity usage and service territory. These measures include the eight per cent rebate introduced in January 2017 and build on previous initiatives to deliver broad-based relief on all electricity bills.
To find out more, visit ontario.ca/page/ontarios-fair-hydro-plan

Westario Power – Capital Projects for 2017

As part of our remaining Capital Project work for 2017, Westario Power would like to inform you of work being performed in your service area:

Tree Trimming: Ontario Line Clearing will continue to complete tree trimming in the community of Harriston

Decrepit Pole Replacement: Westario Power staff will be completing decrepit pole replacements in the communities of Elmwood and Port Elgin.

Pole Line and Conductor Replacement: WPI will be completing #6 copper wire replacement in the community of Hanover – the following areas will be affected:

  • 13th Ave & 13th Ave ‘A’ – 5th St to 6th St ‘A’
  • 6th St – 11th Ave to 15th Ave
  • 6th Ave – 9th St to 10th St

Substation Upgrades: WPI will be completing upgrades in the Town of Kincardine to the substation located in the Mechanics and James area

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Operations Team for assistance

Ontario’s First Online Electricity Customer Panel Set to Debut

The Electricity Distributors Association’s new Ontario Electricity Customer Panel (www.YourVoiceHasPower.com) will engage interested Ontario electricity customers in robust discussions on such issues as pricing, conservation, and local power generation.

Our 2015 Community Report Is Now Available

Read the 2015 Community Report (PDF)

Westario Power Launches The Home Energy Assessment Program For Residential Customers

Read the Press Release (PDF)

June 2016 Bill Insert

Westario Power Inc. has included an insert along with your June bill explaining how your hydro dollars are divided; in relation to: the supply of power; transmitter costs that delivers the power to Westario, the regulation of the electricity grid, taxes, as well as the portion Westario Power Inc. retains.

June 2016 Bill Insert (PDF)

Information for Westario Power customers on meters

On January 22, 2015 the Electrical Safety Authority announced it had directed Ontario’s electrical utilities (local distribution companies) to replace and discontinue use of a specific model of electrical meter: the Sensus 3.2 with remote disconnect. There are only 5,400 of these meters reported in use in Ontario which is less than one per cent of the 4.8 million meters in Ontario.

Westario Power does not have the model of meters that are covered by ESA’s announcement.

Westario Rate Application for 2016

Westario Power Inc. (“WPI”) filed an application with the Ontario Energy Board (the “Board”) on October 19, 2015 under section 78 of the Ontario Energy Board Act, 1998, S.O. 1998, c. 15, (Schedule B), seeking approval for changes to the rates that WPI charges for electricity distribution, to be effective May 1, 2016.

Download the PDF

The Board has issued its Notice of Application and Notice of Proceeding and Letter of Direction for the below noted. Board File No: EB-2012-0100 and EB-2012-0211.

Retailer Information

See the following customer service billing insert and press release relating to energy retailers in our service area.


  • Westario Power employees ARE NOT knocking on doors selling electricity contracts.
  • Know your rights. If someone comes to your door selling electricity, you have the right to ask for photo identification and to ask what company they are representing.
  • Compare prices carefully. Customers, who have not signed a contract with an electricity retailer, are supplied electricity under the Regulated Price Plan. As of May 1, 2007 the “two step” residential rate is 5.3 cents and 6.2 cents. What is the contract price offered?
  • Regulated Price Plan Variance: The Regulated Price Plan (RPP) variance settlement amount applies to a consumer on the Regulated Price Plan (RPP) who switches to a retailer. This amount reflects your share of any accumulated variance between the actual price paid to generators and the forecast price paid by RPP consumers (e.g. 1 year of customers kWh consumption multiplied by the OPA rate). The variance will be settled on your next bill.
  • Existing Budget/Equalized Billing Plans. Should you sign a contract with an electricity retailer, your existing budget/equalized billing plan will end and any settlement amount (debit or credit) will appear on your next bill.
  • Contract Commitment: Withdrawal Penalties – Renewal. Before signing a contract, know the terms, read the fine print, and understand everything you are committing to. What are the penalties to get out of the contract? If you have an existing contract nearing the end of the term, read the terms of the contract to determine what action you need to take to renew the contract or to let it expire.
  • The Ontario Energy Board licenses all electricity retailers and gas marketers. Retailers and marketers must use fair marketing practices. This includes immediately and truthfully identifying themselves, what company they represent and to not pressure you to sign a contract. If you have any issues or concerns in this regard, please report them directly to the Ontario Energy Board.

Ontario Energy Board

Box 2319 TORONTO, ON M4P 1E4
Consumer Information Website: www.ontarioenergyboard.ca
Toll Free Call: 1-877-632-2727
Email: complaints@ontarioenergyboard.ca

Report Theft of Power

Houses in the province are being used to illegally cultivate marijuana and most of these locations are stealing the electricity to do it. Not only is this extremely dangerous, it is costing our customers thousands of dollars a year. The impact is more than financial. read more