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COVID-19 Energy Assistance Programs (CEAP)

On June 1, 2020, the Government of Ontario confirmed that it is making $9 million available for CEAP, to support residential customers struggling to pay their energy bills as a result of the COVID-19 emergency.

CEAP provides a one time, on-bill credit to eligible residential electricity and natural gas customers to help them catch up on their energy bills and resume regular payments. The program is being delivered directly by electricity distributors, gas distributors and unit sub-meter providers (USMP), further to rules laid out by the OEB. Learn more

Westario Power is accepting applications for CEAP – apply today before it’s too late!

Only complete submissions will be processed; in order of application.

Please submit your completed application by email to:

AffordAbility Fund Trust (AFT): Do you pay an electricity bill in Ontario? If so, you qualify!

The AffordAbility Fund is here to help Ontarians who pay an electricity bill ease what they spend on electricity.

Take a few minutes to enrol and find out what you qualify for, from FREE ENERGY STAR® light bulbs, a power bar and/or faucet aerators to ENERGY STAR® appliances and home energy plans and upgrades. To learn more or call today to register 1-855-494-FUND (3863)

Ontario Electricity Support Program (OESP): Bill Relief for Qualified Households

The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) is helping make electricity more affordable for low-income households. The Ontario Electricity Support Program, or OESP, will provide ongoing assistance directly on the bills of eligible low-income electricity consumers.

Low-income households that apply and qualify will receive an OESP credit on electricity bills. The credit amount will be based on the number of people living in the home and their total household income.  For some consumers, the need to use more electricity is unavoidable. They may receive a higher level of assistance. These are people who rely on electric heat or medical devices as well as First Nation and Métis consumers.

The program, designed and implemented by the OEB, came into effect on January 1, 2016. Consumers can apply online or with the assistance of local intake agency partners, including Low-Income Energy Assistance Program Emergency Financial Assistance intake agencies.

If you have completed your income tax in the past two years and you have the internet and a printer, you can apply from home. Go to to apply.
If you have completed your income tax, but do not have access to the internet or a printer contact the County of Bruce Housing Division at 1-800-265-3022 or 519-396-3439
If you have not completed your income tax contact the County of Bruce Housing Division at 1-800-265-3022 or 519-396-3439

LEAP : Emergency Financial Assistance

The Low-Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP) is a year-round, province-wide emergency financial assistance developed by the Ontario Energy Board for low-income electricity customers who are experiencing difficulty paying their energy bills.

This program provides emergency relief in order to help customers manage their energy costs and avoid having their service disconnected. It is not intended to provide regular or ongoing bill payment assistance, but rather to ensure that in a crisis, low-income families stay warm and stay connected. Eligible consumers can receive a one-time payment of up to $500 per household, per calendar year, which is credited directly to their electricity bill. Eligibility includes a pre-tax income at or below Statistics Canada’s Low-Income Cut-off (LICO) plus 15%.

Apply Today
To apply for LEAP Emergency Financial Assistance call County of Bruce Housing Division at 1-800-265-3022 or 519-396-3439

Learn More
To learn more about The LEAP Emergency Financial Assistance program you can also visit: