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Conditions Of Service

Conditions of Service describes the document developed by Westario Power, in accordance with subsection 2.4 of the Distribution System Code, describing the operating practices and connection rules.

All distributors shall have a Conditions of Service. Subject to this Code and other applicable laws, a distributor shall comply with its Conditions of Service but may waive a provision of its Conditions of Service in favour of a customer or potential customer.

A distributor shall provide advance public notice of any changes to its Conditions of Service. Notice shall be, at a minimum, provided to each customer by means of a note on and/or included with the customer’s bill. The public notice shall include a proposed timeline for implementation of the new Conditions of Service and a means by which public comment may be provided. A distributor shall provide the Ontario Energy Board with a copy of the new Conditions of Service, once they are implemented. The copy of the revised document shall include a cover letter that outlines the changes from the prior document, as well as a summary of any public comments on the changes.