Westario Power has completed the software changes necessary to read the smart meters remotely.  That is, we will download the meter readings directly into our billing software from the external collectors that are located throughout Westario Power’s service territory.

At this time, Westario Power plans to phase in TOU pricing in the spring of 2012.  Prior to implementating TOU rates, customers will be notified one month in advance of the change.  We will post information on our website, as well as circulate notices in your monthly invoicing to let customers know when these changes will take effect.

Time of Use (TOU) pricing more accurately reflects the actual real-time market cost of electricity which fluctuates widely throughout the day.  Electricity demand peaks in the mid to late afternoon triggering a corresponding increase in the market price.

During the hot summer months, air conditioner use pushes electricity demand to its highest levels of the year.  Ontario must often rely on more expensive and polluting forms of power generation to meet daily peaks.  On the hottest days, electricity must be purchased at a premium from power plants that, in some cases, only operate a handful of days a year.

A key objective of the smart metering initiative is to reduce peak demand by encouraging consumers to rethink their consumption habits.  By reducing daily peaks and shifting some demand to off-peak periods, consumers can help avoid the shared cost and environmental impact of building additional power plants and upsizing the grid.

Smart meters and TOU pricing will also enable customers to take steps to manage their electricity costs.  In the near future, customers will be able to monitor their consumption online or through in-home displays.  For a list of cost reduction strategies visit

The installation of smart meters is part of a broader initiative to modernize Ontario’s electricity grid.  Similar initiatives are underway in the United States and the European Union.  The new “smart grid” will employ sensors, monitoring, communications, automation and computers to improve the flexibility, security, reliability, efficiency, and safety of the electricity system.  Other benefits of a smart grid include the ability to integrate more renewable energy sources and avoid blackouts.

The information in the following links is designed to assist you in understanding how smart meters work and how your energy usage can help you change your energy patterns in order to reduce peak demand in Ontario and save money on your electricity bill.

Smart Meter Links:

Westario Power uses Elster products (meters, collectors, etc) for our mass deployment.

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