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February 11, 2021

News Release

Walkerton, Ontario, Wednesday February 10, 2021: Jenny Alfandary, President and CEO of Westario Power received full Board of Directors endorsement of the 2021 Strategic Plan.

With a new Mission, Vision and Value Statement presented; the Board of Directors was unwavering in their support of the Strategic initiatives which focused on growth, operational excellence and community prosperity.

The Strategic Plan reflects a three-year planning approach committed to driving business growth and creating value for our customers, employees and stakeholders. Our core essential business will be maintained and new initiatives passionately driven towards growth, excellence and community prosperity.

Westario committed to an unrelenting focus on the customer experience, system reliability and a safety first culture.

About Westario Power Incorporated

Westario Power is a Local Distribution Company focused on providing superior value to its customers. It is the role of Westario Power Inc. to ensure the safe, reliable delivery of electricity to the 24,000 customers it serves and ensuring the 746km of distribution lines and 27 municipal substations are working at high efficiency and reliability.